Making Lives Better with Alorica (“MLBA”) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to Alorica employees, their families and the people, organizations and communities who support them.

In order to be eligible for assistance from MLBA:

If you are an individual requesting financial assistance, you must demonstrate one of the following hardship requirements:

1) Unpaid medical expenses for self, spouse or unqualified dependent and do not have insurance that pays for such expenses. The individual must demonstrate a plan to payoff such medical expenses which MLBA may assist in.

Appropriate documentation includes:

2) Funeral or burial expenses for deceased parent, spouse, child or qualified dependent.

Appropriate documentation includes:

3) Expenses to repair damage to principal residence to a livable condition.

Appropriate documentation includes:

4) Natural disasters e.g. typhoon

*Please note if approved, MLBA will only pay third party vendors directly for individual grants and not the individual grantees themselves unless approved by the MLBA Executive Board.

*By completing the form, you understand that MLBA will be contacting third party vendors and other persons to verify and collect information related to your application.

Click here to download and print the following:
Application Guidelines – English version
Application Guidelines – Spanish version