Happy 19th Birthday Alorica!

Today, as we celebrate Alorica’s 19th birthday, we reflect on how employees are not only passionate about taking care of clients and customers, but also of each other. Because of the contributions made to Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA) by Alorica employees, more lives are being touched than ever before. It’s nothing short of magical how much MLBA has evolved in just a short amount of time. When it was created, back in October of 2015, we started with payroll contributions from four people for $95—and now, thousands of you are contributing to MLBA … for an incredible total of $2.7 million. In addition to this staggering number, you’ve also gone above and beyond to come up with creative ways to raise even more funds for your local chapters.

In fact, here in Irvine, things got a little bit messy for a good cause! We held a fundraiser that resulted in a pie-in-your-face extravaganza! It started with an “East Side versus West Side” office challenge—we collected coins to donate to Laundry Love, a local laundromat that helps homeless families clean their clothes. And leadership from the side that contributed the least amount of coins had to … you guessed it … get pied! Although I was one of the unfortunate leaders whose face was on the receiving end of the pies, I’m so proud of how our Irvine crew came together for the spirit of charity. Check out our pie-throwing, Alorica birthday party video on the Alorica Fan Page.

Of course, all of the passion that goes into fundraising events like we did here in Irvine and that you do in your locations, enables MLBA to share the love with people all around the world who have nowhere else to turn. It’s this overwhelming heart and generosity that makes stories like this a possibility:

My husband and I would like to thank all the employees that contribute to MLBA and for making it possible for us to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral in England. … we had some financial difficulties and trying to get back on track at the time of her passing. A couple people suggested we apply for help from MLBA and I was skeptical because I was under the impression that the funds were for bills that employees weren’t able to pay. But, I was at my wits end as what to do … I put in an application. A day or so later Sharon Leal and Ann Bassett gave me the best news that MLBA would be able to help us. Our time in England was a sad affair, of course, but to be able to be with family and friends and celebrate the life of Anna Maria McPadden was one of the biggest blessings of my entire life. It made me see that there are still people out there who do care about their fellow human being. Thank you again to all of you who have given unselfishly. You never know if you or a family member may need help down the road so please give when you can and always pay it forward.”Susan and Stephen McPadden, San Antonio Woodway

This is just one example of the numerous letters that we receive from our family members who are so extremely grateful for your love and support. Check out https://livesbetter.org/stories/ for more touching stories.