COVID-19 is changing the way we all live our lives, one way or another. But it hasn’t changed MLBA’s mission. We’re more determined now than ever to help everyone stay connected, support each another and give back to those impacted the most. Here we provide you information and resources that can help you deal with the current situation and take care of yourself, your families and your communities:

Community Resource Lists

Please remember that MLBA is where people are supposed to turn to when they have nowhere else to obtain help. Please refer to these resource lists for your community before applying to MLBA for a grant. There is also some helpful general information to help you cope with the current situation.

Charities and Organizations Helping to Fight COVID-19

Learn more about the charities and organizations MLBA is supporting to fight COVID-19.

MLBA Heroes

Read and share stories from around the globe that highlight our local MLBA Heroes.


COVID-19 Crises Grant Guidelines

In the coming weeks we will be instituting our COVID response global policy across our MLBA countries based upon need and government assistance available.  We will be focused on making sure that people get the help they need for essentials in the following categories:

  1. Homelessness – rent, water, electric, gas (No cable or internet)
  2. Medical – medical visits, medication
  3. Basic necessities – groceries, sanitary supplies, diapers and formula
  4. Loss of loved one – funeral expenses


Please check back to see when this assistance is available for your area.  In the meantime, MLBA is business as usual at this time and still issuing qualified grants that addresses specific needs. Please see the regular grant application guidelines found here.