Alorica was founded with a single vision – to make lives better… one interaction at a time. In 2015, we decided to truly take this idea to heart, and launched a non-profit that does exactly that – makes lives better – for local causes and individuals.

It’s a privilege and a joy to support our global team, and their communities, through Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA) – and we are honored to Share the ♥.


MLBA takes the traditional approach to corporate philanthropy and turns it on its head. Instead of corporate headquarters deciding where to give charitable contributions, we empower each of our many employee-led chapters across the United States, Philippines, and Mexico to support the local causes and individuals that matter most to them.

Along with offering support and encouragement at every touchpoint of the organization, Alorica provides the administrative resources required to fuel this giving program as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative. MLBA Chapters are led by a local Board, made up of Alorica employees at each site who ultimately decide how to allocate funds. Each Chapter coordinates fundraisers, volunteer activities and donation drives, and then decides how to award 100% of every dollar raised.


From its earlies days, Alorica’s Chairman and CEO, Andy Lee, would hear incredible, personal stories from our team members as he toured sites around the world. Stories of need. Of adversity. Of resilience and overcoming obstacles.

Moved by the tales, he knew that Alorica had to stand for more than just insanely great customer service. He wanted a way to empower our teams around the world to help in their own communities – and to come together as one in times of natural disasters and other dire circumstances.

And so, MLBA was born – embracing the notion that family takes care of family. Since then, Alorica – along with the status quo of corporate giving – have been forever changed.

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