Tim Wooden

Life is precious, people are precious, we work side by side people and many times do not really know them or what crisis they are facing. My crisis started on a bright sunshiny Saturday morning just before noon while driving our family van with my 12 year old daughter ( Ashley ), and 5 & 2 year old sons. A driver of a pickup blew through a red light, never slowing down, his vehicle came about 2 feet into the side of our van, rolling us multiple times, we finally came to rest upside down. What came next were hospital stays for our 5 year son, and Ashley our 12 year old was in coma. She never came out of it, she suffered severe head trauma, as she absorbed most of the impact. Grief, numbness, disbelief, emotions running rampant. My work family lifted us up at every turn, people caring and supporting us through many different ways through words, donating time pto, assistance with bills. Caring people truly caring! They were no longer simply people I worked with, but people who truly cared, and were willing to say they cared. I now have the pleasure at work to listen and help others who encounter crisis in their life through our care program. Work is now the place that simply leads us to each other….people helping people that is truly caring!!!