Shandolyn Ringo

Words can\’t express how wonderful the Making Lives Better [with Alorica] non profit organization is. I work for Alorica in San Antonio (woodway team). My children and I are so grateful. I lost my husband for 18 years a few weeks ago. Life always throw curve balls and you think you are prepared but when it comes your way,sometimes can\’t think clear. This organization stepped up and jumped right in to financially help me and my 3 children. I am so speechless. They paid for the rental car and gas for us to travel to bury him in his hometown Chicago, IL. I can\’t think of another organization who would have done this. I want to thank the board. I can proudly donate every paycheck knowing this is going to a good cause, that are willing to help people I\’m their time of need. Once again thank each and everyone that is on the board.