Rebecca Jenner

I have worked at Alorica for almost 9 months. I am extremely allergic to most perfumes, and with the close work space here at Alorica when someone sprays it on the floor I have a major allergic reaction.. I have had to leave work by ambulance several times due to my throat closing and not being able to breath. I am trying to get on my feet after a really bad divorce, and still fighting for custody of my daughter. I am not able to afford heath insurance to help cover the cost of EpiPens. they would not stop me from having to go to the hospital but they would help keep my airway open and from it getting to bad before I get to he emergency room. My OM helped walk me though the application proses for the MLBA and I could not be more grateful for the MLBA it is a major comfort to knowing that I have those EpiPens in my purse. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FUNDS TO GET MY MEDICATION !!!!!!YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!