Priscilla Castro – San Antonio (Crosswinds), TX

When I heard about the MLBA chapter we had here at Alorica, I was so excited and heart-filled that a company would offer such a great program to help others in need. I, right away, looked to see where I could sign up to help. I recall my conversations I would have with my peers when we had fund raisers for our wonderful MLBA chapter such as, “you never know when you will be the one looking for help,” and “be a part of something bigger than yourself for a great cause!” I had never thought that the day would come that I needed this help as much as I told others. But, the situation came up where I was in a financial bind due to unexpected medical bills with my family. I came home one day to no lights, no power at all. Not knowing where to turn, I spoke with my site manager who asked me if I had applied for the MLBA assistance. Never once when I would volunteer was I whole heartedly thinking that I was investing in my own assistance program, but I came to realize that hey … this is me and I’m in a need of help! So, with a tissue to wipe my tears away, my site ops manager directed me to apply and I was approved! I got my power back on and was able to get back on track with bills all together. All because my MLBA chapter was there for me and my family! To this day, I vowed to continue to be a huge advocate of the MLBA chapters and am a walking talking testimony of what a wonderful program this is. Forever grateful!

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