Nina Palmer

When I say Rocky Mount Alorica helped me out tremendously!!!! You guys are so awesome! Staff has been wonderful! I moved from Philadelphia with my 2 kids and my fiance to start a new life. We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment when we moved to Rocky Mount, I spend all of the money I had left to get into the apartment. 1 week and 1/2 later we were badly effected by the hurricane (Matthew), our apartment was flooded out. Lost just about everything in the apartment. We had to relocate to a shelter for about 2 weeks, then FEMA placed us in a hotel as shelter until we could find a place. FEMA helped us out with some finances, by the time I found a place most of the money that was giving to me was gone. I had to pay for food, and gas, for myself and my family. I hear about a program through Alorica that was called Making Lives Better, i was told they could help with my situation. I was $300 short to get into the property that i found. I tried so many ways to find the money and to make a way. I decided to go speak with a lady name Mrs. Lee and I spoke with another lady name Mrs. Samantha. I told them my situation and the next week day, I came into Mrs. Samantha’s office and it was a $300 check written out to me. I tried my best not to break down in tears after it. I would never think I would be approved because I was a new employee. They also helped with clothes for myself and my family, gave me toys for my children, Cans of food, soap, and etc. About a week later I received 2 gift cards, 1 from Walmart and the other was a Visa. All I want to say is thank you Alorica, Making Lives Better! You helped and made our lives better, my family and I truly do appreciate everything you have done!