Markayla Foster

I just want to start by telling Alorica and MLBA Thank you so very much for giving me hope again! Because of Alorica, I am living a stress-free life and happier than ever! I was down and out with no hope of being successful due to the fact that I did not have a support system and it is just me and my 2-year old son on the streets, bouncing from house to house with anybody that would help with us having a roof over our head. I started working at Alorica and instantly knew that Alorica was a great fit for me, soon after I started working there, I get put out on the streets by a family member I was staying with and had to stay in my car just me and my 2 year old son, It was so bad that I felt like the stress was so much that I would have to quit my job because I started to give up, but I couldn’t give up, Alorica is all i had and is what helped me for this long….One day, my trainer told me about a foundation sponsored by Alorica called Making Lives Better with Alorica, after applying I got pulled off the phone to receive the best news of my life, Alorica approved my application and gave me a 2nd chance at life and I\’ve never been happier than ever. Thanks for all the support and help, Alorica! My Family and I really appreciate everything and you will never truly understand how much that meant to us! THANK YOU!