Kornelia Suarez

My husband and I have service dogs due to his disability and after we moved to a new home we were blessed with 7 lovely husky puppies however the landlord slammed us with not only $1021.00 fee( $100/ off spring fees plus $300 non refundable fees) for violating a contract.Furthermore they were also going to evict us. We were so shocked because any service animals off springs will be honored up to 8 weeks by the state of Texas Disability act. So they were discriminating us and also wanted to get rid off all puppies prior to 8 weeks or to move out. Not only it was a hard ship to deal with this but also the way they provided the eviction notice that we were panicking about. So I prayed reached out to all departments and Church but no one was able to help. I put my pride aside and decided to ask Lives Better to help us and they made the process easy and very kind. All ladies from Mrs Paula Mansfield to Mrs Hope was just pleasant and so kind on a daily basis they kept on reassuring me that everything will be okay. I hope more people will donate and participate to this program since it did work for us and not only they helped us for financial support but morally as well. I mean not many people will come or text now a days to reassure you and to give you hugs in such horrible moments of life. But all these wonderful agents were there and also offered even more support than just financial. They had time to listen and they also offered legal aid assistance in case we would end up in court. Please donate to this program so helpless people and other coworkers can be blessed. If it was not for Lives better we would be homeless by now. I am so grateful and blessed and so I want others to know yes there is always hope and doors can open if you try