Kimberlee Snowden

My name is Kimberlee Snowden, and I would like to take the time to share my story. I started working for Alorica on February 6, 2017. On April 19, 2017 my daughter was admitted into the hospital with the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Due to this unexpected news, I had to miss days from work, which meant less money on my checks. Panic and depression began to kick in, because my rent was late and late fees were constantly rolling in. What am I going to do is the question that replayed in my head on a daily basis. Then I became ill, and more days of missing work. I had until May 26, 2017 to come up with the balance that was owed on my home. I found out that Alorica had a program, that helps families in need. Honestly, at first I was very skeptical of applying. Why would they help me and I’m new? I’ve only been here 3 months. They won’t assist me. These are thoughts of negativity that came in my head. Seeing that my days were numbered, I prayed and filled out the application on-line. Long story short, I’m grateful I did. I approached my Human Resources Manager, Michael Ryan, to let him be aware that I applied. He assured me that he would look into it and see how I can receive assistance. I want everyone to know that all the doubts you may have about Alorica helping their employees – throw it out the window. Michael Ryan, without hesitation assisted me and my family. I’m very grateful for Michael Ryan. Cheryl Valdes, who is the Team Leader, and the rest of the board committee for helping me. Alorica helped to keep a roof over my 3 daughters’ heads as well as myself. I will forever be grateful to this company. Thank you, Alorica.