Joe Mikael Garza

TEAM, Pardon the interruption and thank you for your time, for those who are not familiar with the MLBA, when I first moved to Omaha and got my job at alorica, I was struggling to get on my feet. I advised my manager at the time that I would have to quit work because I could not make it to work due to money issues, I needed gas, food, and a tire for my car. I moved here with no family and the intentions of living a productive life, but my money was never right and the winter along with bills, caught up to me and I was ready to give up, pack up and move back to Texas. The day I was going to quit I spoke with a gentlemen in charge of a program called MLBA and due to my hardship, I qualified for help. They helped me make it to the next week, which helped me to the next month which brings me here today. Thank you MLBA! Please I do not need a response, but just know alorica has helped make my life better and I continue to grow as a person. Once again THANK YOU MLBA!! You probably saved my lifeā€¦ REALTALK!!!!