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I’m so grateful to Sherman MLBA! It\’s been a long rough year for my kids and me…. My true friends can only help me so much through this ugly divorce and custody. I was having to buy everything all over again for my kids, myself, & my home…. The bills were still coming and my income didn’t stretch enough. Every month I was digging my debt bigger, deeper, & darker. A nice awesome bonus check surprisingly came my way that took care of that debt but my problems kept growing. It\’s taken me 8 months to finally get everything and sit good w things but I was 1 1/2 months behind rent and was owing for the month of… I finally got things together but was scared I was gonna lose everything again. My job helped my drastically!!! Helped me w my past rent and I was also able to get assistance w the month of! The burden and fear Sherman MLBA took off my shoulders….. I was finally able to breathe and think clearly! No matter what I can always count on people who truly care abt me and my daughters!!! I’ll always be grateful to Sherman MLBA for giving me back my everything and so much more!!!! Thank u so much!!!! ????792