Jarmaine Johnson

Yesterday I went to the cemetery and dropped off our MLBA check to help a recently deceased agent on my team. I asked for the receipt for my job so the young lady asked, “where do you work?” I said, “Alorica.” She was shocked that we were helping the family this way. She then called over the owner and other employees and told them our story. Many of the employees said “that they don’t see many companies that help families like us unless the person had insurance or something like that.” I have never been so proud to work for a company in my life. Giving the money is not what made me honored to work here, it’s the fact that we helped a family in their time of need. That’s priceless and is something that you cannot read in a job survey or truly understand until something tragic happens. Thank you all for what we were able to do. I also was able to give out my number because some of the employees wanted to tell their children about our location. (I did mention we were hiring).