Jaime Winter

Thank you for donating to our classroom! We are super excited to start using our manipulatives in our class. Since, the flooding, \”normalcy\” is undefined here. My job as a teacher is to try and make a \”safe\” place for these students. Many students have lost everything at home and school. I lost almost ALL of my toys, blocks and learning games in the flood. My students now have something to play with in school. Since my students also lost everything at home, these are their toys! When I see my students get excited when they play with these NEW manipulatives,I just melt. I wish you could see their amazement! Some of my students have not played with toys since the flood and this allows them the opportunity to explore something new in the safety of school. I was extremely excited about the classroom decorations that we got. I was able to transform a bare room into a child\’s paradise of learning. All of my students will benefit from your donation and I am excited to see how my students will grow this school year. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
With gratitude,