Erica Jean -Louis

I work for Alorica in Tampa. I have never worked for a company that when you’re in desperate need you can go and possibly get assistance. Me and my family were in dire need of some type of assistance. We usually don’t ask anyone for help. I think that mainly because the resources should be used for someone who really needs them. And I’m not going to lie, Pride has something to do with it also. I was raised with the mindset that if you are working, and budgeting your money accordingly you shouldn’t need assistance. In December we had to move, because we were getting evicted. The landlord to our property didn’t fix a hot water leak which ran the electric bill to $763.00. When he didn’t agree to give us an extension on the rent because of this we found ourselves evicted, I didn’t know what to do and I found myself at a standstill. Usually, companies have EAP, and that’s fine also but we needed financial assistance. We found a way to move with our savings, but that also meant Christmas was going to be bleak that year. Not only did ALORICA help with the electric bill, an HR Employee also bought my 4 kids toys. And my manager gave me a gift card for Boston Market all out of the goodness of their hearts. I am so thankful to this company. I’m happy to report that we are current in all of our bills and living in a bigger, and better place. Thank you to MLBA ALORICA!