Destiny Gonzalez

I have been with Alorica going on 3 years now. Thanksgiving night of 2016 my transmission went out on my car, at the time I was 4 months pregnant so I was already stressing on how I’m going to support my family let alone being stuck with no transportation to work at this point. I came into work the next week stressed working long hours of overtime trying to figure out how I was going to come up with all of this money before my baby arrives. A friend of mine here at Alorica mentioned to me that MLBA has helped her come back on her two feet and suggested I fill out an application because it never hurts to try. 2 weeks later MLBA has blessed me with the HUGE help of getting my car back up and running. I honestly never thought that I would ever receive this much help from a company SO quick!! THANK YOU MLBA and THANK YOU to EVERYONE that helps contribute into this program, without any of you it would not be possible.