Crissa McClure

I can actually remember the first day I was told about MLBA. Brandy McCarter was so excited to share the news. I have been with alorica almost three years. Recently my Mother was very ill and was given a 1% chance to live. If you know me that is my lifeline. I had just gone from TM to Security Receptionist which is my true passion. Everything was so last minute the Dr. called and I had to rush to the hospital and she was later flown to another hospital. I called in and let them know I was out for three days never leaving the hospital. I do not want to just brag on MLBA I want to compliment my whole Team. Everyone was so supportive and reached out to me it was so rewarding to know that I had the support. I will happily donate to MLBA even though I did not need help just the fact that people still care in this world. I salute Brandy as well for all the hard work and extreme dedication making sure that others are rewarded and helped when needed. She helps to make life better here at alorica in Durant.