Brian Russell Site Director, Longwood

I want to take a minute to recognize Angela Albright, our Sr HR Generalist in Longwood. Angela has only been with us for a few months, but has already made many lives better in her time here. Since we launched the MLBA program we have received many requests for grants in Longwood and one of the most common challenges our colleagues face when they request a grant is possible eviction. We get at least one of these per month. When we receive these it is typically a scenario where if the money is not paid within a few days they will be evicted. While our MLBA board worked on the first case a few months ago, Angela decided to see if she could personally call the landlord to negotiate a workable solution that would keep the team member in their apartment until the funds could be paid. To our pleasant surprise, the landlord was very receptive to the call and worked with Angela to find a solution. With that initial success, Angela continued this approach the next time and it turns out that in every case the landlords have worked with her and we have been able to prevent 3 evictions in as many months. Not only that, she has also been successful in preventing late fees being added to accounts as well!

Angela’s passion for helping people is clearly visible in every conversation and her willingness to go above and beyond to find solutions has made the difference.

While the goal is first and foremost to help people, the business impact is real as well. We have people every day trying to come to work and focus on the job while facing unimaginable stress outside the office. When we step up and provide this level of concern and support our relationship with these individuals rises to a different level. After learning this week that Angela was able to prevent her eviction here is some of the response from our team member – “This is amazing. Thank you SO much – you have no idea what this means. :)”