I cannot express my gratitude enough with my office…..I have been going thru one life knockdown to another and I have put the brave face and fake smile on each and every day possible some days more so than not, while on the inside I have been dying and felt as if loosing my mind and no where else to turn or look. I regressed to self mutilation due to all the stress and not having the courage to ask for help or just an ear to talk to….. I can honestly say that my office management have went above and beyond to let me know that I am a well appreciated employee and a pleasure to work with and then as a last ditch hope effort I let go of my shame and pride and reached out for help and with in less than 12 hours they were able to assist me in my need I could never thank you as a company or individuals for the blessing that has been bestowed upon me and my family…may god bless you all for such kindness!