I arrived in Sherman Texas on 08-15-17. The next day I started looking for a job and found Alorica as a potential employee and started working 08-28-17! A month later I started looking for housing. Every apartment was telling me that I had not been employed long enough and my income was not enough, At this point I had only a few weeks to find a home for my two boys and myself. I heard about MLBA from a coworker. I submitted my application and talked to the director. He stopped what he was doing and started giving me different options. The same day I received a call letting me know I was approved for an apartment. I paid the deposit and application fee, but could not afford the first month’s rent with the funds from my checks. That is when I talked to my supervisor, Dani and MLBA set up an emergency meeting that same day. When they came back to get me to tell me their decision, I was so nervous. They let me know that they are going to pay my first month’s rent for me, I felt so grateful. My boys and I finally got something good out of this world. My blessing from Sherman MLBA didn’t stop there, a member of the Sherman MLBA board, Baddog (who really isn’t bad at all) offered to give me things free of charge that my boys and I need. She and several other supervisors are helping me, even after they paid my rent! I am so thankful for Alorica. I will always put everything into my job. Thank you Sherman MLBA for everything!!!!!!