The MLBA program has helped my family in a way I could never repay. It is not just about the money to me it is the fact that there was a team of people who cared about helping me and my family. It’s hard to set your pride aside and ask your place of business for help, but I am glad I did. My full amount of rent, groceries and other belongings were in my car the day it was stolen from my partner’s job. I explained my story over and over; even to the landlord of my apartments and no one was able or willing to help me. I am forever grateful for Alorica, I have never worked for a company that gives back to their employees as much as they do. This program helped my family and I know they are helping more families every day. I also donated here and there to the program but you don’t realize how much they do until it’s you that need the help. So I encourage everyone to donate like you may need the help one day.