I had been without a car for 3 years and finally in Nov. of 2016 I bought a car. A used one but I loved it. last week the motor blew up and I was quoted 1000.00 for a new motor plus 500.00 for labor. There was no way that I was going be able to come up with this. So a co-worker suggested MLBA. I thought there is no way that they would give me that kind of money. I had 300.00 myself and the car lot I was buying it from was willing to work with me on some of it but not the entire amount. So I put in the application and MLBA came through. So now my car is waiting for a new motor to be placed in it and for it to be back home. This could not have happened without MLBA. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul. You guys are awesome.

I have been an employee at Alorica for 3 years and recently was in a rough situation and on the verge of losing my home for myself and my 3 kids. Thankfully, our wonderful MLBA Durant was able to help me out so that my kids and I were able to stay in our home. I am so thankful that we have such a wonderful organization and so blessed that I was able to receive their help. I’m forever grateful for everything they have done.