Back in May I was struggling to find a place to live. My fiancé had just gone back to a sober living home and I was couch surfing, I found out at the end of June that we were expecting and there I was still living on a friend’s couch. A friend of mine at Alorica had told me about a program they had called MLBA (Making Lives Better with Alorica). I filled out an application searched everywhere for a decent apartment complex got everything turned in and it got approved. I can honestly say that without the caring help of MLBA and what they do for their community I would still be homeless and pregnant. They are such a blessing for me and my little family. I have now currently lived in my apartment for 2 months the baby has their own room and my husband is coming home. So, thank you to MLBA Durant for doing such an amazing job and helping those who cannot get on their feet. You all are the real MVPs.