I would like to start my story by saying THANK YOU MLBA, thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! you’ve helped me a lot not only the company itself but the people who are in it. THANK YOU and GODBLESS. My husband passed away last January 19, 2017 he has CKD (chronic kidney dse) and had some complications, for every wife who is working the main reason you work is to support your family, after my husband died I decided to quit my job as well I am very depressed, during his wake people from the office, from work perhaps never fail to text me or call me asking how am I doing. I am so blessed then my Operations manager asked me to come to the office and talk a few things and my Team Manager asked me to fill up some applications, after then I found out it was about the help from MLBA I was so amazed that they really did that for me then after a week that fast, people from MLBA called me about the checked I was liked WHAT? checked? I never expected that the help would be so fast, so fast that I was not even thinking about it for a while but when the people from MLBA called me again to make sure about the name cemetery that my husband is in, believe it or not I was so shock… the help was so fast and so helpful! THANK YOU MLBA, THANK YOU ALORICA, THANK U PEOPLE IN ALORICA THANK YOU THANK YOU!! God bless up until now the help you extent to me and to our family cannot be replaced and will never be forgotten!