I have been an employee for more than three(3) years now and since then, Alorica never fail to inspire people more so to those who are in need. I have experienced gift giving to those who are less fortunate, giving school supplies to those children who wanted to go to school but was unable to provide things that they need, when our co-worker needs help by situation – I found it overwhelming that the Alorica always participate and lead us to do good deeds and charitable works. By the time I was at a state of devastation and felt like there’s no one I could ask for help, Alorica specially MLBA lent a hand and helped me with no hesitation specially when it comes to financial support. I was hesitant at first because I know that the money I need is not just a simple amount that could be easily given out. But MLBA offered full-heartedly support. I couldn’t survive the struggle without Alorica and MLBA’s assistance. I really appreciate the treatment that you have for your employee and I really felt I was a family. MLBA has been a great inspiration and motivation that whatever happens, there will still those people who are willing to help and will serve as your second family and will help you rebuild yourself for a better future. Thank you so much for the management, specially my TL, our OTS and OM who have been an instrument to make things possible. And most of all, to Alorica specially MLBA. I promise I will serve Alorica with loyalty and hard work in return. I can’t think of any other words to say but, THANK YOU SO MUCH ALORICA AND MLBA! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ALWAYS!