I have been with Alorica for almost 2 years, My family has recently taken a few hits financially My boyfriend got hurt at work and may require surgery, my daughter has been having problems at school and was recently diagnosed with ODD, among her self-harming behaviors we have had other things going on, anything that includes the death of a family member, car accident, fingers caught in doors of cars, it has been very stressful which included a very scary hospital stay for myself. With the help of MBLA I was able to keep my electric on for my family and I. With two kids and a hurt boyfriend the stress has gotten to be a bit much. I had no idea there was a program like this and it sets Alorica apart from all other companies. I don’t know what I would have done without that help! We have been trying everything to get on top of our bills, from requesting loans to extending payments as much as we can. it has been extremely tough but anything is helpful. My family and I couldn’t express in words the amount we would like to thank everyone at Alorica and the staff at my company! This company is making a difference.