I would like to start off by saying thank you to Alorica and the staff that assisted me in my situation. I have worked here in the San Antonio Woodway for 3 years and love my job. Even more so now! My car was towed which is my only form of transportation. As a single mom of two I was worried as to how I would make up the means to take my car out of the tow yard. I applied for urgent assistance because little did I know that every day the car sits in the yard they would add on a daily dollar to the already high bill for towing. Alorica and its staff assisted me that same day to alleviate my stress as they understood that this was the only way I had to transport my children to and from school and myself to and from work. I was blessed that day and am blessed to work for such an amazing company. I have never seen any other company be so united and willing to assist those in need. Thank you to the San Antonio team who made this possible and to Alorica for having such an amazing program!!!