I recently moved back to this area after being off for over a year due to health issues, found this job soon as I got back and then all heck broke loose. I was staying with a friend and there was an issue with my 17 yr old daughter and her mom, long story short my kid ended up in a children’s shelter and I had no money saved yet to move, then I found out MLBA could help and did they ever!!!!!! We got approved for a place but didn’t have the money to move in right away, a co-worker told me MLBA might be able to help us and within two days they had approved to give us the money to move in, now I have my daughter and we have a home and all was made by us being blessed and the great people of MLBA!!! My daughter and myself want to give a big shout out to MLBA for truly Making Lives Better!!!1 Thank you MLBA from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!