I am so grateful for Mlb[a]@Woodway. I was getting ready to being evicted. But I had a new place that I got approved for but my deposit was so expensive 600 bucks plus first month rent.. I worried every day Ho[w] I would get the money.. I went from prayer asking family friends and so fourth a family friend was [a]ble to give me half of deposit. But with school being around the corner and still needing to buy supplies for my kids and clothes things were tuff for me.. On top of that not knowing if we would have a place to stay.. But I applied for a helping hand thru MLB[A] @Woodway location and the lady\’s their were so helpful and a blessings on helping me ASAP because I had a deadline to be out.. I am blessed and truly thank Sharon and Ann Bassett for helping my family and I out with my deposit and first month rent..