A huge heartfelt thank you to all for the support, the love and the generosity of everything that you have done. I have always thought of my coworkers as a family. We have been through the joyous times of marriages, births, adoptions, etc. as well as the tough times of a friend/coworker passing, the loss of a parent or other family member or devastating illnesses. Through all of those times we have banned together and helped any way we could. And that was no different when my time of need came. I have been blessed with good health all of my life and work to take care of myself the best I can but I was stricken with a serious condition that could have been fatal and is for 50%+ of those with the condition. The hospital time in ICU and the recovery period was long but with the love and support of my family, friends and coworkers I made it! I will always support MLBA!