Snack Chat with MLBA Mobile

Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA) has created a unique approach to corporate philanthropy, where it gives each of its nearly 100 Chapters worldwide the decision-making power to fundraise and donate how they see fit. Daily, we hear of the most creative ways our Chapters raise money for Alorica employees, their families and local organizations, and MLBA Mobile is no exception.

Food is one of the most universal things that has the power to bring everyone together. Taking that notion to heart, our Mobile Chapter decided to create a snack shack housed at the Alorica Mobile, Ala. site. The store, which opened six months ago, offers employees a variety of snacks—from candy bars, chips, granola, fruit, cookies, juice, soda, power drinks and even lunch options including hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos and tacos. The store also has MLBA and Alorica merchandise like hats and t-shirts available for purchase.

Employees at the site can’t say enough good things about the new MLBA snack shack. Here’s just a snippet of what agent Dona Hill had to say: “Thank you so much for the new snack bar. The prices and selections are great. Being able to charge to payroll deduction is wonderful. And donating a portion of the proceeds to MLBA is awesome.”

By thinking outside of the box in their fundraising efforts, MLBA Mobile has not only found a vehicle to engage daily with Alorica employees, offering affordable food options for those on a budget or team members that don’t want to lose their parking spot by leaving for lunch. More importantly though, the snack shack has been a profitable source of funds to use for awarding grants. In fact, since the MLBA snack shack has been open, the Chapter has profited more than $16,000, all which goes to making lives better to support their local community, Alorica employees and their families.

Check out some pictures of the MLBA snack shack and its Chapter members.