MLBA Puebla Shares the Love with Jonotla

Last month, Mayor Diógenes Gerardo Méndez Barrera of Jonotla, a municipality located about 124 miles to the north of Puebla City, drove 5 hours to Puebla in search of aid for his people. After Hurricane Grace hit Jonotla and its municipalities, it produced landslides that made it almost impossible to reach one of its communities, Tozán. The landslides broke water pipes and forced the habitants to drink water they recovered from the rain.

We were fortunate enough to be presented with Jonotla´s situation and immediately began a collection of supplies. On the day of the delivery, a thunderstorm delayed us two hours but that didn’t stop us! Neither did the fact that there are no roads to Tozán, we just used a special vehicle to trek through the vegetation. MLBA Puebla donated water, food and other supplies to Jonotla and its associated communities of San Antonio Rayón, Molignaco, Tepancingo, Xiloxocitl, Ochotitlán, Paso del Jardín, Tiburcio Juárez, Atzálan and the poorest and farthest one, Tozán, with a total population of only 89. 

We now have an opportunity to start a program of volunteers that will teach English to the communities’ youth.

Thank you MLBA Puebla for your generosity in Jonotla’s time of need.

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