MLBA Irvine Shares the Love with Laundry Love


To coincide with Star Wars Day – May 4th – the MLBA Irvine Chapter launched “Coin Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Penny.” The premise of the coin wars was to pit the two sides of the building – East Side and West Side – against each other, with the goal of collecting the most coins to support a local organization, Laundry Love Santa Ana.


Laundry Love, a national non-profit, is a neighborhood movement that partners with groups, schools and local laundromats to care for low-income families and individuals. They do this by financially assisting those in need to wash and dry their clothes. Laundry Love seeks to bring economic relief by giving the individual or family the option to redirect funds toward food, medical, gas or transportation costs as well as school supplies and other basic, everyday necessities.


To make Coin Wars a bit more interesting, each side volunteered team members to take a pie in the face if they lost. Needless to say, the entire Alorica Irvine office was ruthless – but in a good way. Collectively, in the span of two weeks, the office donated a total of $2,185.50!! This donation covers 320 loads of laundry, helping 120 no-to-low income families and supports the local chapter’s operations for 4 months.


The Alorica Irvine office and MLBA Irvine Chapter Board didn’t stop there. During the recent Laundry Love Santa Ana event, 15 team members volunteered their time to help run it, and while turnout was lighter than normal, they facilitated 55 loads of laundry, helping 17 families in need.


If you are interested in learning more about Laundry Love and to find a chapter near you, visit here.