MLBA Inspiration Fund


Every child should have the opportunity to discover their dream. That’s why this year, the MLBA Inspiration Fund was created to provide financial assistance specifically to middle/high school students (ages 11-18) who demonstrate a passion but aren’t able to pursue their interests because of financial constraints.


So how were we able to make lives better? We’re thrilled to announce that we awarded 44 grants totaling $54,000 to some really amazing kids! Here are just a few of their incredible stories:


  • Giselle Reyes (U.S.)Granted funds for a graphic design course and materials
    • One day, Giselle hopes to become a video game designer. She discovered her passion in a high school E-sport class. She also noticed that she was one of only five girls who were enrolled in the course out of 35 students! So, Giselle wants to encourage other girls to discover their passion for graphic design too.
  • Angie Karolina Cuevas Castillo (Guatemala)Granted funds to purchase a piano and piano lessons for six months
    • According to Angie’s grandmother, Angie has had a love for music from a young age. But, she wasn’t able to explore her interest due to financial constraints. To view Angie’s touching video, click here.
  • Jhaznine Masaga (Philippines)Granted funds to buy a laptop and headset
    • Jhaznine is in 9th grade and wants to follow in her late mother’s footsteps by pursuing a career in accounting. During the pandemic, she’s had to take online classes, but because of lack of resources, she has been using a phone to access her classes. (Jhaznine’s father’s work hours have also been impacted by the pandemic, so he hasn’t been able to afford a laptop.) Now, Jhaznine will be able to easily finish her studies and hopes to eventually help her father with their monthly expenses.


Moved by other heartwarming stories just like these, MLBA President Joyce Lee expressed, “Starting this special fund for children with big dreams was important to me. I want every kid to be able to find their passion and purpose like I did through MLBA. Being able to tell these students that we’re going to help them go after something they’re interested in learning or doing—that’s really what making lives better is all about. And, a huge thank you to our donors. You’ve helped us provide support for college tuitions, lessons in computer coding, baking, music, swimming and horseback riding and much more…to some really deserving students!”


Here are our first-ever MLBA Inspiration Fund grant recipients around the world:


Name of student How funds will be used Country
Eliot Rochon Horseback Riding Lessons Canada
Angie Karolina Cuevas Castillo Piano Classes Guatemala
Aline Gutierrez Swimming Lessons Honduras
Daniela Sabrina Anariva Tuition Honduras
Danna Camila Zepeda Caballero Music Class Honduras
Josué Dheming Portillo Tuition Honduras
Maria Jimena Mencia Ayala Tuition Honduras
Maryori Betzabeth Cruz Martínez Baking Course Honduras
Sinia Hadassa Guzmán Peña English Course Honduras
Alisson Dominique Jaramillo Jiménez Tuition Mexico
Azul Romina Herrera Jiménez Tuition Mexico
Kenya Loreley Tapia Tecuapetla Tuition Mexico
Samantha Nicole Morales Trejo Swimming Lessons Mexico
Sebastian Leonardo Zapata Rodriguez Piano and Piano Lessons Panama
Abdullah Bakhsh Laptop Philippines
Angelica Joy B. Moriones Tuition Philippines
Angelu Vergara Tuition Philippines
Clarence Cuaresma Laptop Philippines
Justine Joshua D. Consolacion Tuition Philippines
Deanna Sanga Laptop Philippines
Eunice Gaile Bernal Internet Bill Philippines
Fernanda Janelle Gaba Music Lessons Philippines
Jhaznine C. Masaga Laptop and Headset Philippines
Kate Cabanlig Tuition Philippines
Kristine Mari Diesta Tuition Philippines
Kyla Diesta Tuition Philippines
Leana Masungsong Laptop Philippines
Mary Ann Therse Lee Tuition Philippines
Nikki Potian Dance Classes Philippines
Ramon Alacantara Tuition Philippines
Sharmel Bello Musical Instrument Philippines
Steven Reyes Laptop Philippines
Zedrack Alijon Alattica Tuition Philippines
Ashley Santiago Coding Course U.S.
Mireya Polito Tuition U.S.
Cayleigh Humphrey Tuition U.S.
Cooper Pechar Horseback Riding Lessons U.S.
Kyle Clements Theater Program U.S.
Mikayla Roy Dance Competition U.S.
Giselle Reyes iPad and Coding Course U.S.
Kimberly Sanchez Coding Course U.S.
Mathew Gomez Saxophone U.S.
Victor Garcia Housing Tuition U.S.


To see more inspiring stories about lives that have been touched by MLBA, visit the MLBA Facebook Page.