Making Lives Better…One Dream at a Time

When the MLBA Inspiration Fund was created, it was designed with one goal in mind—to help kids with financial restraints achieve their dreams. And that’s exactly what happened with Kyle Clements.

This high school student from Oklahoma has always dreamed of being onstage, but the expense of professional training limited Kyle’s pursuit. However, with a little help from the MLBA Inspiration Fund, he was able to attend The Song and Stage Bootcamp, a 5-day intensive instruction in singing, dancing and acting.

“I wanted to thank the MLBA Inspiration Fund committee for supporting me this past summer. Being able to attend The Song and Stage Bootcamp was a pipedream because of the financial expense. During the camp, I participated in group training and one-on-one workshops with successful industry professionals with in-depth stage training. I also had the opportunity to be in a live on-stage performance in front of an audience at a theatre in Branson, Missouri. Receiving the scholarship made the difference from being a pipedream to a reality. I am grateful for the committee investing in my life-long goal to be a better performer.” – Kyle Clements

To see his live performance, click below to view our Facebook post: