Chapter Spotlight: Greenville

Our approach to corporate philanthropy is like none other. Through Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA), Alorica empowers its employees to give to those in need within their communities. Take our Greenville, South Carolina chapter for example – in July, the chapter raised almost $3,000 to take care of their employees, their families and their community. Here are some creative ways they did this:

  • Summertime is dress down time! Who wouldn’t want to wear shorts and flip flops to work during the summer? Well, in Greenville you can… for a $10 donation to MLBA, Alorica team members stayed cool at work for a whole week. And if a week’s not long enough, for a $30 donation, employees could go casual for an entire month! This one fundraiser alone brought in nearly $1,300.
  • Say cheese! Employees were encouraged to head over to the MLBA photo booth with their friends and pose for the camera. For only $5, they received a picture and 5×7 frame, with a memory that lasts forever. This fun activity raised more than $100.
  • One paycheck at a time… A little bit goes a long way. Whether it’s $1, $5 or $10, Greenville employees used its payroll deduction program for the month of July to raise $1,500!
  • Spreading the word. In order for team members to give, they need to know how to give. So in Greenville they’re getting the word out in a variety of ways. From posting fundraising flyers, using the “Chalk Talk” board to write messages, to having a designated MLBA space so employees can get more information and donate.

Interested in sharing the love with the Greenville chapter or to any of our MLBA chapters worldwide? Click here to find out how you can help.