Alorica Strong: MLBA Rocky Mount Shares the Love with Alorica Jacksonville after Hurricane Florence

Daily, we are humbled to hear stories of how MLBA chapters around the world support the local causes and individuals who matter most to them. Recently, Hurricane Florence pummeled the North Carolina coast—but with stories of despair and destruction came tales of hope and healing. MLBA Rocky Mount, and its sister chapter in Jacksonville, had one such incredible story to share.


In a one-week period, the Rocky Mount chapter raised $6,630 through a variety of fundraisers. One especially popular campaign involved donating funds in exchange for a pass that would allow Alorica team members to wear hats and ripped jeans to work. And on top of the dollars raised via fundraising, the MLBA Rocky Mount chapter also donated $750 to spend on a host of needed supplies.


After the storm passed, the Rocky Mount chapter traveled 2.5 hours to Jacksonville with a truck filled with goods focused on helping our people feel “human” again after weathering the hurricane—shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, paper towels, toilet paper, baby wipes and diapers, laundry detergent and non-perishable foods that could be consumed without electricity.


Along the drive to-and-from the site, evidence of the catastrophic event was everywhere. Trees were ripped from the ground, farms were flooded, houses were swept off their foundations, powerlines were toppled over, roads were washed away and piles of destroyed mattresses and furniture were piled in front of homes.


A few days after the first drop-off, another caravan spent four hours navigating flooded roadways to deliver much-needed cleaning supplies (including bleach, sponges and air fresheners). But that’s not all they brought—the Rocky Mount team came fully-prepared to feed the Jacksonville team with more than 200 burgers and hotdogs! The team even left their gas grill, propane tanks and freezer chest for Jacksonville to use in the days ahead.


Take a look below at some of the pictures taken during the two delivery runs; all images of Rocky Mount coming to the aid of Jacksonville can be seen here. Finally, if you’d like to Share the ♥ with those affected by Hurricane Florence, you can donate to the MLBA Disaster Relief Fund.