A Rainbow After the Storm – Emilia’s Story

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” – Bob Marley


After 14 years as a homemaker, Emilia, wife and mom to five children, decided to get into the booming BPO business in the Philippines. A thriving and happy Alorican, three years into the job, her family experienced a devasting loss. Her husband, the stronghold of the family, was shot and killed. This tragedy, like it would for most people, caused many restless nights for Emilia. She felt empty and lost, but giving up wasn’t an option for her. Now the sole provider for her family, she had to continue to push forward to be there for her children, not only emotionally, but financially. To get back on her feet, she reached out to her local MLBA chapter for assistance. Not only was her request granted, but she had her entire Alorica family there to help pick her up at her lowest point.


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